Nerdcon stories – half way report – where I meet a well groomed homeless man and see internet people in real life

We did it!  All of us up, dressed, fed and out the door by 8:40.  We even had the forethought to put food in the crockpot so now that we are home (briefly) we don’t  have to worry about food.


Things you are excited about have a sick way of not living up to expectations, but I was plesently surprised overall.  We got there and parked easily, breezed past check in because we pre-checked yesterday and joined the opening main stage in time for the last ‘act’.  The main stage was meh, we missed the good part, but that’s life and the bit we saw proves that these things are unscripted.


I really really wanted to get my Name the Wind autographed so we prioritized that and while waiting met 4 very nice people.  I enjoyed the people at the convention far more than the presentations overall.  Maybe it was the personal interaction, maybe it was the absence of ‘fan feeling’, maybe just a good group of people are attracted to this type of convention but every person I talked to was someone I wouldn’t mind spending an hour with.


One panel was good, one panel was good but incredibly not the topic they advertised and that was the day!  In between Lars and I did some ingress hacking around the convention, like nerd icing on a nerd cake 😉


We decided to skip the final mainstage since we had to leave half way anyway and perused the vendor area.  It was easy to pass by cute yet ironic t-shirts because I have a plethora, but I was drawn into an exchange with an author who is pushing the boundaries of writing with media.  ::aside:: Ever since I read an interview from Stephen King about how it is the duty of (famous) writers to always push the new ways to create in order to keep the public interested and reading I’ve been interested to see new trends that develop.  Its one of the reasons I like the blog world and jumped into Instagram and even found the Vlogbrothers on Youtube – they are all different ways to tell and/or receive a story.  ::


This man, Jay Swanson, has pushed it further by doing something I’ve never seen – he is writing a book in the form of a journal that he publishes in ‘real’ time on the internet.  You can read the entire thing online, or, buy the collection in book form.  The story is interesting but I think the method is even more so.

I hope to do more with my notes and thoughts later but we had about 10 min and since I told a dozen people I write more or less daily I had to put my money where my mouth is.

ps.  Jay Swanson is technically homeless because he moves constantly with his job so its pointless for him to have a house right now.  Conceptually that is also a departure from the average way, this guy is imminently interesting.  It also makes a clickbait headline 🙂


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