cramming 5 days of stuff into 4 because…

I’m going to my first “Real” convention!!!!

Technically I went to the Ponycon over the winter but seriously, I like ponies like a MOM not like a FAN.  Just because I know all the songs and backstories…  Anyway that was for the kids and I spent half my time placating them that I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to.

I also went to ICON on longisland but that was sooooo long ago and I was 13 and my parents and their friends were all there – and while I had fun, love my parents and their friends, and even enjoy the general trecie (treky?) stuff it was never a thing I had to attend for my own pursuit of happiness…


the official logo from the official site

the official logo from the official site

So, when the Vlog Brothers (who I have watched since they started) announced that they were making a new convention named NerdCon Stories I immediately purchased tickets.  I didn’t know who would watch the kids or how it would work but I was instantly excited about a convention in Minnesota that is focused on online writing and storytelling I made one of my very few we MUST do this proclamations.  I’m excited because it is local, because its centered on something I actually do and would like to do more of, and, because I’m a tiny bit fan girl about the creators and the authors that are coming.

It was a trick and a half getting the kid watching thing taken care of. Plan A ended up asking if she could be a fallback option because when she agreed 5 months ago it was before she had any idea what she had to do that way future weekend.  Plan B looked like an awesome option but then they had tentative plans they were going back and forth on and I was getting stress hives asking and asking again so I went to option C.  Option C so should have been option A but I felt a bit guilty because we haven’t seen each other much recently and she has a busy busy life but in the end she was excited to do it, absolutely able, and the kids are over the moon about it since they miss her daughters.  It is going to be as much slumber party fun here as it is convention party for me.  Seriously, I am extremely lucky to have 3+ people I trust and are generally willing to watch my kids because that means I have wonderful and trustworthy friends.

For months and months this was just a thing in the future I didn’t think about much.  Then it was something to stress over because I almost had to not go or share time with Lars for lack of kid watching.  Now that kids are settled I can be excited!!!  I am also busy because I’m not just doing my normal daily things, I’m cleaning extra so the house is easy to navigate including making the guest room good again.  I cleaned the fridge and freezer today while baking a ton so there would be muffins and banana bread and fresh bread for the weekend.  Tomorrow I am finishing the cleaning and cooking but I get to go check in at noon so expect excited pictures 🙂

As a bonus-bonus, Lars and I will be spending this time together and it is the first time since before Fiona was born that we have left our kids overnight.  That alone is exciting…


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2 responses to “cramming 5 days of stuff into 4 because…”

  1. Anne says :

    I hope you have fun. I wanted to go to this but alas I need to go to Crown.


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