Procrastination – denied….

I don’t usually procrastinate.  I really don’t, I plan things for a time and I do them.  I have a tragic hole in that plan though…. when I DON’T plan a time to do a thing I tend to just never get around to doing it and that ‘thing’ is usually things for myself.  I can ignore things for weeks and months.

Today I made myself make an apt for a fasting cholesterol test, a test that I’ve semi-avoided for 2 years.  I have no fear of my cholesterol, none whatsoever, I just don’t want to fast for 12 hours and then go get a blood draw yada yada yada.  I actually have a very good opportunity tomorrow because I need to be up early to deliver donuts to the school for bus driver appreciation day (heads up btw, thank your driver) so I made the call and it was so EASY to get an appointment exactly at the most easy time possible for my schedule.

Then I quick dialed the dentist because a crown has been feeling ‘off’ forever (since it was put in really so I think it is the crown itself) and I said I was in ‘no rush…next week…’ and bam – appointment tomorrow at 12.  That works just fine but totally thwarted my procrastination effort.

On the other hand, I always feel good crossing things off my list and those two have been lingering too long.


3 responses to “Procrastination – denied….”

  1. M@Home says :

    Love it. I use a site Trello where you can create lists and tick it off as you go – I think it is getting to be my favourite time of day, updating lists and ticking off jobs done.


  2. Kate says :

    I occaisionally have days when things just flow and things fall into place. It was the right time for those things to happen. I enjoy those days!

    Good luck with your crown. : )


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