Sins of Slumberland


10 days out of the box… I call that poor quality

The sins of Slumberland – explanation below

  1. Coffee table that chips, scratches and looks like trash less than a week out of the box
  2. Shady sales tactic that push the ‘value’ of a $200 reduction in the form of a merchandise credit
  3. Lied about quality when asked
  4. virtually nothing in the store under $200, everything is very overpriced for the quality I experienced
  5. No reviews on their website – a real indication that they don’t care about the voice of the customer



The long version

A few months ago we went mattress shopping.  It was long, it was tedious and you know what we found out?  There are only so many mattress and LOTS of places sell virtually the same mattress.  Oh they might claim to be different mattresses to prevent direct comparison but if you find a mattress you like you can probably find its nearly identical twin at another store near by.

I say this because we were SUCKERED in by a $200 ‘discount’ in the form of a slumberland dollars (usable only at slumberland). We could have gotten a better deal by about $100 at other stores for the same mattress but I was tired of looking and also intrigued by the shiny furniture in the acre of show room.

When we went back to use our $200 we found not only did it have many many restrictions (unsurprising) but there was very little in our style that we actually needed and even less near the $200 mark.  We choose a coffee table because our 10 year old table from Target had just started to be unstable and we picked out this table – the Radcliffe Collection Coffee Table in Merlot – and in the store I asked about a small chip I saw in a different/similar coffee table and the sales person said something to the effect that ‘floor models get bashed endlessly, you should be fine’  basically lying to me about the quality of the finish because mine chipped within 3 days and was very chipped and scratched after 10.


this was the first chip, found 2 days out of box


scratches; >10 days in the house and found under a library book left on the table.

They took the table back – kudos to them – but now I’m more or less out $200 on the cost of the mattress because I fell for their incentive.  They gave me another credit but seriously, there is nothing there I want because I prefer my furniture to look like it hasn’t spent a year in a frat house.  I tried to talk to them, but they did not really want to talk to me so all I can do is hope that I save you from a similar fate by sharing this little story.  Make my $200 useful and listen to me – go to Ikea, go to the thrift store, go anywhere else.  I hope I cost them far more than 200 in lost sales!


Ps. If Slumberland reads this and actually wants to make this up to me let me know


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