The moon is what we are all talking about

There are many many reasons I like facebook.  The reason I like it today is because yesterday morning a friend posted a semi-mocking post about the upcoming eclipse but hey, that was the first I heard about it.  In my defence, I don’t get much time to read news and I don’t like to turn on the news when the kids are around for fear I need to explain what a triple homicide is, or, genocide – we have already had to have some of those discussions but I don’t want to make it a common theme in their life.  So if the news does not make facebook or the John Oliver show I don’t see it~  Back to Facebook, I heard there WAS a moon thing and then when I went out for a run I SAW the awesome full moon rise but all I had was my iPhone…  I took a few lame pictures and resolved to take a better one but then I got home and it fell out of my head.

IMG_6638 IMG_6640

Then after dinner, after kids in bed, after my shower I was scrolling my feed and another friend commented on how cool it was that everyone was posting eclipse pictures and I got up off the couch, in my pj’s, and went up on the ladder that happened to be up because I need to roof a bit, and took pictures.  None are awesome but it was fun that Lars and I stood at the top of a ladder, leaning on our roof, watching this event.  I messed with settings and things and the clouds held until the second half of the event so I have to trust that the moon came back 😉



So thank you Facebook and Friends that post cool things.  


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