War against nature

I’ve long documented my pact with nature – you stay out, you live – you invade my space, I get to kill you.  There are gray areas of course, I let all sorts of spiders and things live in the house (technically my zone) and I also reserve the right to kill things like hornets in my yard.  Over the past two weeks I feel that I’m battling a war on many fronts.


I’m trying to take back my deck from the hornets.  They scare the children, I’m allergic, and did you know they eat meat?!  Gross little buggers.  I’m trying not to kill all the life in the yard so I’m using this trap, full of apple juice, to kill about 20 a day.  I think I’ll be ‘winning’ soon since its getting a little colder at night and soon they will just go away.


The next battle is against the fruit flies.  Those super annoying little flies that will always remind me of 8th grade science because they were a subject for genetics and then got out and just live forever…  They hitchhiked in 2 weeks ago and I’ve been aggressive ever since but they just keep finding things to live on.  This is the new home for all fruit.  All fruit is in a container now.  Did you know banana’s sweat?  My tomato’s got moldy because they too apparently create moisture…   I’m using all sorts of traps but they just reproduce like crazy.  The insult on reproduction should be about fruit flies rather than cute little bunnies.


Finally, to add insult to injury, yesterday we got ants.  Big ones.  I think they were displaced from the outside world because it rained tons and tons here but that was NOT what I wanted to see at 6am on my kitchen counter.  On the bright side, there was nothing for them to eat because I have every morsel of food sequestered in air tight containers.  I got traps and warned Fiona left right and center to NOT TOUCH and so far she is alive and they seem to be gone.


Finally tally;

wasps – I win

fruit flies – they are winning

ants – I win


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