Most fun sick day

Yesterday Zoe was legitimately sick.  Much puke, she put herself to bed, glassy eyes and no appetite…  After winning the award for first puke in the kindergarten class, Zoe crashed on the couch and hardly moved for the rest of the night.  I even was moved to go get her a ton of Gatorade and crackers.  Poor kid, she is not used to being sick and was not a fan.  Niamh on the other hand is part cat, she pukes at semi-random intervals and has since she was a baby.  She says she knows exactly when its going to happen and she is seldom wrong – we just always travel with ziplock bags because as a wise drinking friend once noted that the entire contents of a human stomach is far less than a gallon so you are safe with a good freezer bag (don’t go cheap on this, must not develop a hole or leak!)


Anyway, a tortured night of Zoe deciding the only place she could sleep was directly across both of us in bed, I at least got the head end, puke breath beats kicking feet any day.  By morning she was more or less just dehydrated.  I had a meeting at 7:30am and by the time I got back she had downed a Gatorade, was on her second and looking much much better.  By 9:30 and 3 bottles she looked 100%  Since it is Wednesday Fiona was at school so I got a bonus Zoe and Mom day!


Zoe politely inquired about our plans for the day – of which I had none because usually I work and clean – but we decided to go shopping and we had a super nice trip through 3 stores.  We even stopped for lunch where she tried sushi and ate a huge sandwich (and more Gatorade).  She is at a fun and easy age  when she is solo, she helped shop then she helped put everything away.  I gave her a bit of a break to lie down, just in case, and after 45min she popped up looking to read books and play games.  When Niamh got home they played and played and now she and Fiona are getting along better than ever.  Maybe she just needed a solid 12 hours of sleep to get over the start of school.  Not that she has been bad, just short tempered and exhausted, no wonder she got a bug.


I didn’t get half of what I planned done, but, it was a treat to have a day with a happy and mellow little Zoe.  Too bad she had to be sick first…  This cements my plan of stealing them from school occasionally for a special day.


ps.  Its days like this that make me extra glad I’m home for them.  We won’t have the most fancy house or vacations, but, when someone is sick, the germ is our biggest problem not our career or boss.


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