Three things thursday

I’ve neglected to credit Nerd in the Brain recently with this particular exercise, mostly because when I post from my phone doing links is extra annoying.

This Thursday of the first week of the ‘new’ year has so many good things.

Having two happy, confident, intelligent and well behaved kids going off to school has to be a good thing (even if there was a tiny tear or two (all mine)).


Over the weekend I did some novelty cleaning up on  he roof.  I had forgotten how fun it was to be up high and while I’m not smiling about the fact that a tree has scraped up a bunch of our shingles, I’m happy I found it before it is a real problem.  Soon I will add ‘roofing’ to my skill set…

IMG_7266 IMG_7269

Today Fiona and I continued to work on our new solo dynamic – she helped me do a bunch of little chores and we read some books and I was sure it was noon but it was only 9:30….  So we went to the grocery store and then the park and then Target and did 3 ingress ‘treasure hunts’ and finally it was time for lunch.  Good long nap walk where she only fell asleep on the last block (2mile loop) and now I can maybe nap too?  Either way, it was really nice to play on the park with her (and all the other things too but they are not photoworthy)


And two more silly bonus ones – this door at Target is extra smile-making because my sisters kids have been using the force to open doors for years and years


and I am at war with the nasty wasps.  They might have the world, but I have my deck!  Trying to find a poison free way is hard, this is apple juice in a catcher and I get about 20 a day.



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2 responses to “Three things thursday”

  1. petranellascloset says :

    We have a roofing nail gun too, just in case you need it, along with all the other roofing tools.


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