Winding up the summer – Thankful thursday




In this last full week of 3 kids home we have gotten quite a few things marked on our list


Our cat, Mr Pink, who is around 14 nearly 15, is doing quite well.  He is 8 pounds and change and the vet was quite complimentary of his calm demeanour.  We are now safe from Feline Leukemia and Rabies and all checked out.  Fiona was not examined but not for want of trying, including meowing….


We checked out a new nature center, Wargo, with our MOMS club friends.  It is much more wild than our normal one but the kids had a ton of fun.  Who knew broken trees could be so enticing?

IMG_6455 IMG_6469

There was also a flock of Pelicans at the park!!!  I need to go back with a real camera because this picture stinks.  According to the internet this is one of the summer lakes for the flock and they will head south soon so I need to go in the next few weeks.  There was a bald eagle too, the picture of him is even worse, iPhones can only do so much


We are also diving into the nerd vault and starting  a game with friends.  Given that we can’t really leave the house due to sleeping kids we can at least take advantage of the fact that they do sleep and play some fun games.  We can also claim they are ‘educational’ because who doesn’t love patterns, sorting, math with the numbers etc.



Haircuts…  This time for fashion because she looks so cute with short hair.  She still twirls her hair in her sleep but nowhere near as badly as last year when I was afraid she was going to have to rock the girl-hawk since she kept knotting her hair so badly.  The other girls got fresh cuts for school too – it is so nice to have a friend with hairdressing stuff in her house!





Daddy had to check out the new icecream place, Cherries, too.  He used the kids as his cover – they were very very willing accomplices.

Next stop on my photo roll is a ton of food p0rn.  We are testing out Blue Apron and Fresh Box and Plated and eating very well for it.  I have a whole post ‘cooking’ with a comparison of the three.


Yesterday was the final Zoe and Niamh (no Fiona) day and they played fun games in relative peace.  I also made them clean their room but you can’t win them all.


Today Lars finally got a break from work to spend a day with the kids and we went to see the Space exhibit at the Science museum.  This big guy is pretty impressive and the rest of the exhibit is pretty neat too.  I had to leave at 1 to cater to the napper and they are still out there soaking in the science, AC, and daddy time.


space toilet



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One response to “Winding up the summer – Thankful thursday”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    Wow! That is one amazingly awesome week!!! 😀 I love all of the pictures…and I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones with huge piles of dice around. 😉

    P.S. – I have become insane about Ingress! I am in love with this game!!!


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