One of the skills I honed in my previous job was arguing with companies in order to get something I wanted and/or needed.  I think I acquired this skill at birth since my family does like to argue…  I exercised it over all my school and college and refined it to the point that I have some solid negotiation skills.


In my MBA law classes I also learned about a concept of ‘punitive damages’ that I never have gotten to throw into my game – until today.


When it takes OVER a YEAR to get a refund you get on my LIST.  That list gets assaulted with vigor weekly on my work day (ie Wednesday).  My skills are directed at a financial institution and I will not only get restitution, I will now be getting punitive.  They were absolutely incorrect with my particular situation (they gave generic rules neglecting to check the actual rules of this state) and if they were FAST about it I would have been ok with just restitution.  Make me follow up 6+ times and its getting to the next level.  I’m currently in the ‘office of the president’ and someone has the joy and pleasure to call me within the next 48 hours to work on this with me.


Don’t worry – part of negotiation is to never be crazy on the phone.  I’m calm, I’m level, I’m very very direct.  Lars was even impressed.  I’m going after about $600 so worth a bit of time, and, its kinda fun 😉


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