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I’ve been asked ‘whats up with the not blogging’ thing and sorry to say dear; same story different day.  Recovering from the travel/pennsic/camping/beach hangover has been longer than expected and it really really does not help that our dynamic is both in flux and askew every day.

We have also recently contracted a condition named neighbors.  Adult Neighbors can be wonderful, they drop by and have stories and sometimes cookies and usually have the perception to know when it’s a ‘bad time’ to visit.  Most of the time Adult neighbors come at a perfect time for the break you didn’t know you needed.  There is also goodness with neighbor kids, convincing the girls that they should go play, new games, kids that don’t need driving or picking up.  However there is the down side of neighbor kids – them coming over at the moment you convinced #3 hooligan to sleep, or, mid nap, or, when you might not be dressed and always when the house is a wreck (90% of the time) and these particular kids come ask if the girls can play at 20 min intervals all afternoon.  I also end up having 2 extra kids that I need to keep an eye on, but, I’m crossing my fingers the good will outweigh the bad.


Their names are Batman and Flash BTW

So after years and years of solo island extance we got both Adult neighbors and Kid neighbors (no relation) all of a sudden.  I’m learning to not walk out without wearing enough clothing and now I see why my mom always gets dressed before coming downstairs.  The kid neighbors are a bit on the wild side too, I would not have picked them from a catalog but sometimes the universe hands you what you need not what you want.  They need a bit of taming and maybe we are what they need…  I really do like that we have a house that feels welcoming.

In related news, I’m also trying to be a slightly better housekeeper.  I (still) need to dig out of the ‘being gone’ mess and while Lars did an ok job of not trashing the house, and he had someone clean at least once, there is still a lot to do.  On top of that, the laundry/unpacking situation coming home from camping/travel is epic and requires time and energy to sort out and put away right (ps. all is clean, nothing is away).  I need a solid 2 days to get everything done but instead Lars has been up to his eyeballs in extra work so instead of a break I got more solo kid time – good thing I know what I’m doing, but, bad for the cleaning or project or organizing business.

They don’t even need me to check out! My babies are so big!

Every day I see more first day of school pictures but my kids have exactly 2 weeks left.  I’m putting aside some projects for when I only have 1 kid at home but I have a feeling I’m being optimistic about what I will get done with 2 in school.  The two most helpful ones are leaving!  I can actually say ‘pack lunch’ and they do it.  I’ll miss them both in general but extra when there is nobody to play ponies with Fiona but me.

Overall the days are flying by.  The girls need more attention, more help, more watching depending on who but I’m running from 6am to 10pm with them with random switches of needs and direction throughout the day.  The next 2 weeks will be more of the same?  Maybe?  and then who knows what will be next.  So to all the people I have missed on the phone, facetime, email, etc this is what I’m doing and I’ll get back to some new form of normal in 2-4 weeks.


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