Walmart v Office Max/Office Depot for school supplies

On the subject of school supplies….

Walmart wins hands down.  I should have known but I was sucked in by the .01 notebooks at Office Max and while I was there (like they count on) I got many other things on the lists.  I had to go to Walmart anyway and I noticed a few things that I KNOW were better at Walmart so across the street I went.

Walmart was about half the cost on everything except notebooks, they were .17.  I decided that yes, my time is valuable, but I could easily earn back $15 by returning the majority of what I got at office max (and it is just across the street).

So if you are wondering, don’t, there were a few things that were within pennies but you would be better off skipping the super item at Office Max and getting it all at WalMart.  **on a positive note, they took everything back very quickly and easily and didn’t even ask me why.

The odd thing about BOTH stores is nobody seems to sell more than 12 pencils and they each need 24?  I’m getting a gross from Amazon for not much more and I’ll just donate them to the school.

And that is the most exciting thing about my day –


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One response to “Walmart v Office Max/Office Depot for school supplies”

  1. bhuidhe3 says :

    I went with Target, between coupons, cartwheel, and red card I saved quite a bit. I learned the same lesson about the office type stores, the deal just isn’t as good in the end.


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