3 more weeks of summer

Live it up?

Survive it?

Do what we normally do?

D… all of the above

It is summer part III because it is silly to really get used to 3 girls at home when in 3 weeks I’ll only have 1 at home.  We have a few things a week planned with moms club and only a few things we *need* to do and the freedom to do what we want the other days.  Things fill up fast with things, and, the poor cat is 2 months past his shots so that really does need to get done.

Today Fiona and I got up at 7:45, a totally late sleep in time, Zoe didn’t get up until after 9.  Breakfast was still happening at 9:30 and laundry didn’t even start until 10ish. We had a friend drop by for a quick visit and then we headed out at 11:15 for a walk to the park.  It was coolish and overcast so no complaints about being hot or sun in the eyes and we took 20 min to walk 3/4 of a mile because we stopped to pick wildflowers and watch ducks and generally not rush.

The park was all ours and the kids played and Fiona surprise #1 was suddenly mastering the ability to pump on a swing.

Heading back after 12 my brain was screaming we were ‘behind schedule!’ but seriously, what schedule?  Fiona surprise #2 was the ability to pedal her own trike – not fast – but she can go!  Over the weekend we worked on her learning to use the handlebars and I can’t recommend the Kettler trike enough, much better than how the other girls learned.

We had one scrape on the way home for drama but overall a nice outing and lunch was late so nap was late but again, who cares.  At some point we need to see about putting some of the weekend play-a-thon featuring every small doll and figure away but I’m sure we won’t be going to bed on time either.  There is time enough in 2 weeks to start dialing back in for the school year, synchronizing our breakfast ballet, and reinstalling my innate time sense for 4pm precisely.

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