Celebrations! Big and Small

My last post on a way too popular topic; potty training.

Our house is now diaper free (pull up at night). #3 is reliable to a good degree to even go by herself.  This has been a long journey full of 7.4 years of diapers and I’m happy to NOT have to buy and/or wash diapers anymore.

Personally just NOT buying/washing is all the reward I need but this was a team effort and when the team has an achievement the team needs a celebration.  (Someday I’ll write a book on how an MBA is a very good tool for parenting).

The process for training a third child who has close siblings is its own trick.  There is the not so small matter of one child getting prizes for going to the bathroom while the other two are told they are too big and had their treats as they were learning too – not an easy lesson for a 4 year old to internalize and accept.  Secondly the process of training 1 out of 3 means 2 of 3 are sometimes left hanging while their little sister gets the special treatment or a fast trip to the bathroom dropping everything else.  None of this is very fair or fun so long ago I told them at the end, we would have a diaper-free party to celebrate winning as a team.

Today is that day

Niamh actually decided that it was time for a party and took a poll of what they wanted and presented me with a list.  Ok, she needs help spelling but that isn’t a stone I can throw.

Dolfin cake – blue frosting chocolate cake outside party rainbow sprinkles dolphin frosting on top of cake

Here is the resulting cake – chocolate with blue icing, sprinkles, and a dolphin.  I have no idea where the dolphin idea came from but I had one in the toy box so on the top it went.  We did not do it outside since it is 90 degrees and I’ve had enough of that over the past 2 months and now I have my AC and I’m staying in it!

we added 3 candles, one for each girl who only uses the potty – or, for the 3 years it took Fiona –

It was the first time I made cream cheese icing and I like it, pretty easy overall – 1 stick butter, 1 8oz cream cheese, 2c powdered sugar and 1tbl flavor.  I have a bunch leftover too, even after repairing a few licks to the cake.

They were all happy to have a celebration and so am I to mark the end of this phase.  It is also a handy thing as an end point for potty treats, any time she asks for one I can refer her to the cake…

I have no idea if this will help anyone else out there potty train a second or third child but the idea that you always celebrate achievements, even small ones, is one I want my kids to have.


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One response to “Celebrations! Big and Small”

  1. pmizzi says :

    Potty training is not a small accomplishment


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