Starting Summer part 3

We arrived back home from our super long vacation on Saturday just before midnight and yesterday was a blur of naps and laundry and rediscovering the house and TODAY we have to hit the ‘normal’ button.

There is still a whole month of summer left for my kids.  I know lots of kids are back already but we had over 90 days of summer and I think we are making the most of it.

The NY segment was crazy in a Full House sort of way.  7 kids eat a ton and there is no choice but to either skip baths, or, clean 2 at once because even at 10min each that is over an hour of showering.

Rolling into Pennsic was almost calm since my kids were the only kids there for a week, but, there were 19 people and steadily gaining more daily so cooking was still on dinosaur proportions.  Today I made lunch for ‘just 3’ and it felt like nothing…

I posted pictures for most of the last two weeks since my computer was safely tucked away from the potential rain and the inevitable dust and bugs.  For the most part is was a good but it is not what one would call your classic vacation.  On the other hand, what vacation with 3 kids is restful?  Pennsic has enough kids that we found people to play with most days and I’m super lucky that my girls do play with each other pretty well.  The other gift from heaven was the babysitter for an hour and a half a day.  I joke I found her at WalMart but after YEARS of trying to find a sitter ahead of time and either finding nothing, or, people who fell through I was in line at WalMart the first day and the young lady ahead of us, obviously also a Pennsic person, started talking to the kids and I asked if she would babysit.  It was a wonderful find and allowed me an hour and a half to go to the bathroom, shower, and talk to other adults.  It was double good because when the other kids arrived the second week she could add them to the flock and we ALL got a break.  Pennsic is hard on parents but probably worse for those in camp who don’t have kids since they are not used to the constant low-level chaos.

My pictures are trapped in my camera but I hope to have some soon.  I’m back in the normal swing with playdates and working out and projects so hopefully that includes blogging too.


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