Pre cellphone life lessons

Dear cell phone for life kids,

You need to know a few things about life before cell phones and not just about the fact that IRL is more than just a text phrase.  What happens when you are at a concert, say a 311, and your phone refuses to text in any reasonable time and the battery percent drops before your eyes and you have NO IDEA where the person with the car is…

And now your phone is dead;

1. don’t panic, life happened for a long time pre phone.

2. Enjoy the remainder of the show but keep your eyes open for the other person

3. stand in a choke point – a spot where everyone must go through – and stand still looking for the other person.  You will either see them walk by or all the other people will leave and you see them standing waiting for you.  **this has to be a person you trust to not just leave you**

4. If you still can’t find them, proceed to the exit and look around.

5. Call a 3rd party from a payphone (or a nice stranger) but the key is memorize a few numbers….  hopefully they can either tell you that the other person called, or, take your message for them to get when they call (I didn’t say this was phone free, just indirect).  Lucky for me my sister had gone to the car and plugged in her also dead phone and my mom got ahold of her and I found out that she was in her car looking for us.

6. Stand still on a well-lit intersection as close the entrance as possible.  Be ready to dash through traffic when you see the car!

So yes… the concert will always be just a minor part of the crazy night.  Crazy #1 was taking a 7 and 11 year old to a concert that started at 8. Crazy #2 was getting to within 3 rows of the front of the 311 concert – they are a ton younger than I expected!  Crazy  #3 was not having a designated meeting spot because I actually do usually do that and just didn’t that night.  Crazy #4 was the plethora of non-standard humans all around and finding tactful ways to explain falling down drunks, people tripping, gratuitous PDA etc to kids but what actually made them both mad was the litter – it actually was pretty disgusting.

In the end the music was fun, the people we did manage to meet up with were great to hang out with, and we all got home by midnight.  The kids kept their cool and didn’t even whine too much~  Now Niamh can say her first concert was Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 311 and that is pretty cool, not to mention that we had a unique night where she was on my shoulders dancing and happy~  (and learning valuable life lessons about finding people without cell phones)

pre 311

This photo taken by my friend right next to me before we retreated to the back because the pit swuriled our way


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One response to “Pre cellphone life lessons”

  1. jdawgswords says :

    awesome…glad it went well


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