annoying half steps

This week so far has been a series of annoying half steps;

– try to square away an insurance thing and run into annoying “oh, yeah, thats not what I said (even if it is!)”

– I can’t seem to read more than a page of my book at a time

– angusty extended family drama that I can’t do anything about but listen

– try to get Niamh to a karate class to get there and have it be a special testing night and no class….

– no class for Niamh means no workout for me 😦

– started to make progress on my project with dad all while making up ways to keep Fiona out of the woodshop only to stop short to bring Niamh to aforementioned class of didn’t happen

– kids being too rough with play swords and me literally playing referee instead of reading my book or blogging or drinking wine…

– tried to take a walk and then it poured rain on Fiona and I so she didn’t nap and I didn’t walk

– catching up with friends is proving hard with all of them having lives and stuff

All this adds up to a pile of short patience that I hope tomorrow will release.  My plan is to go to bed a bit early, read my book, wake up and take a run, meet up with Miss Math, hopefully get to a karate class and enjoy my day.  Oh, and I got good advice from a friend on the insurance thing so hopefully his magic phrases do the trick.


2 responses to “annoying half steps”

  1. loveforlife says :

    hopefully today was a better day! it sure is crazy how bad things tend to happen at once and truly test patience. hope you’re hanging in there today and holding out the hope that all will work out as it should.


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