What to do with talant

So a friend emailed me with a virtual kick in the butt about photography.  He declares that I have talent now go “do something”.  I know I have artistic talent… I was impressed early on that false modesty was a sin so I know I have a good eye but what does one do with that when I have no desire to do it professionally?

Same with lots of things I do reasonably well but I’m not quite sure how to, or if I should, go to the next level.  Today I did 150lb on the squat rack and it was hard but I know I can do more but should I?  I can write a blog more or less daily and I’m glad for the record of my life and for the vague internet kudos I occasionally get but should I focus more and write something of note? I run fairly well but should I train for something?

Up until now I’ve used all my time to either move through daily life, or, dabble in things but there is a possibility that I might have slightly more time to focus on something with all the spare time I have now that they all spoon food into their own mouths and put their own poop in the potty.  Sometimes they even clean!

I think I just need to keep my eyes open for a local gallery or whatever opportunity comes my way.  That’s worked so far (just not all that fast).

While flying kites with the kids today this was on my mind so of course the kite becomes an object lesson – you need talent, luck and wind to do something that looks simple but is really hard.  It also isn’t all that fun unless it happens to work.


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One response to “What to do with talant”

  1. Ngobesing Romanus says :

    Greetings! This is a good subject because there are many people who waste their talent.


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