Just call me Mr Nash

The real Mr Nash died recently in a crazy auto accident that I bet he didn’t see coming (or maybe he did?) but if you don’t know who he was, he was a man who saw patterns everywhere – to the extent that he was probably crazy.  On the bright side he made Game Theory and a ton of interesting things for economics….  I’m not crazy as far as I can tell

But the patterns…  I know the majority of visual patterns are mostly meaningless but I always notice them.  Sadly I don’t tend to notice some real patterns like other people’s schedules – they fly right out of my head.  I’ve been using Instagram for a few years now and I follow a rather diverse group.  It is like a mini facebook that is picture only and I like the slice of life aspect of it.  Over the past few months and especially the past few days there have been major patterns in what people are  posting.

– ok, 5th of July, tons of fireworks – not unexpected

– 6th – people started posting a lot of food

-7th – I’m seeing everyone’s pets today….

-8th – I’m going to guess outside pictures, its been a few days since my feed was full of trees and sky and grass

It’s like everyone that self-selects to use this app, that I follow, is somehow synced up on what random aspect of their life they will highlight per day.  There are always outlyers but I want to say a statistically significant portion of my friends posted animal pictures!

I’m careful not to read into the patterns but observing them is still interesting.  I  love ironic patterns like when all the big trucks at work (F150 type pickups) would all park in a row I would purposely  park my Prius right in the middle.  Timehop is not helping my pattern obsession because the other day I saw a time hop of myself from a year ago and I was wearing the exact same outfit 1 year precisely later.  I don’t even really like that particular shirt but it seemed like the right one to wear that day.

Maybe I’ll discover some social algorithm and get a Nobel prize (but probably not) but now I be YOU will start to see odd patterns in your media streams~

Otherwise just another fun day in the sister run momagarcary – expecting this pattern to continue 🙂


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