Bye-Bye husbands good-bye

Like the good 50’s housewives we are, we packed our husbands off back to work after their week vacation is up.  Now my sister and I and our combined 7 kids are at camp grandma for the next few weeks solo.  We have decided that we are a functioning ‘momagarcary’ where the moms are in charge.  Not a bad system in my opinion….

Today was a quiet-ish day since we needed to get Lars to the airport.  We did a bit of tennis, underscoring that I have not played tennis since middle school, but it was fun to try.  Checked off another local restaurant and did the Lars laundry and played a final round of games with daddy and then off to the airport.  We left my youngest sister with my oldest two and she told them they could have unlimited TV while we were gone thus securing her most favored status…  Given she has a 1-month-old and a  2.5-year-old of her own the fact she can take on 2 extras is a testament that she also has the strong kid-zen-fu that runs in our family.

For the next few weeks we have minimal plans but we are looking a day or so out.  It is futile to plan too early since either the weather or a child will foil any prepaid reservation.  I see a lot of beach and picnics in our future.  My goals are to see more of my NY friends, maybe get to NYC and Zoe’s goal is to get ice cream from an ice cream truck.  Ironically all three have about the same level of likelihood since somehow ice cream trucks are no longer roaming neighborhoods.

Otherwise a freeform few weeks that will be as much a surprise to me as they are to you~


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