Post independence day independence day post

I hope everyone had fun – we did the kid standard of a nice BBQ and home before fireworks but it was festive and fun with 100% of the sisters and family in the same party.  We are 17 strong now!  We figured since this is a rare thing to be all together (and nobody is dead or getting married even!) we went for the professional photographer and so we spent the 4th  as a  very nicely dressed and well-coordinated group.

In the lull between pictures and BBQ/beach I took my nap walk (I walk, Fiona naps) and thought about the ‘independence’ thing.  With all the gender change, same-sex marriage legality, anti confederate flag stuff filling up the internet it is hard to say we are absolutely free, but, we never were and if we were that would be a very unsafe place I would not want to live.  It is a given that we give up certain freedoms for the good of society.  People should NOT be allowed to eat people just because they want to – same with murder (even if they had it coming), rape, hurting kids – you know – all the things we have laws about because you can’t just trust someone to be ‘good’ without defining it.

It gets on my nerves when people talk about how they have the ‘right’ to say  whatever they want because they usually don’t just expect to be empowered to say it, they also expect to do so in safety, negating someone else’s ‘right’ to tell them they are wrong…   It is a rather circular argument but in essence that is what we should value about our freedom – the ability to discuss, debate, question and sometimes change something.  None of our rules are absolute and that is true freedom because there are places that have laws derived from religion or a king or another ‘infallible’ source and there is no discussion on a law allowed.

There are tons of good places to live, every place has something undesirable.  I think the pursuit of perfection, of balancing the system, is a pretty good trait and one that is alive and well in United States


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