What did I do today?

So many things and nothing at all…..

We force marched all the kids up to the library – half because we needed books and half because the cleaning ladies were due and with 7 kids in the house they might just give up and go home.  We stopped at the Dunkin donuts on the way and I’m glad they are not within easy reach for us at home because they are just toooo gooood.  On top of fabulous fat pills, I got one of the treats of visiting one’s home town; someone recognized me and chatted!  My first photography teacher happened to be in line and we talked a bit and it was so nice to see someone unexpected from my past.  It took me years in MN to accept that I would never run into anyone I knew and I got good at not even trying to find a connection and now it is just as hard to turn that back on.  Anyway, he was the first person to teach framing and technique not to mention how to use a ‘real’ camera and develop film.

The library here is ludicrously larger than the one at home.  There is an acre of kids books both fiction and nonfiction.  I even ventured into the library proper to get a few books for my summer reading too and the options were almost daunting.

Back again when the cost was clear (and clean) and we met friends and had lunch and a whole lot of nothing but hanging out happened.  We made plans and watched kids play and forced naps on tired kids.  In the later afternoon I took Niamh to her second NY Karate class and this was actually the first Karate class I’ve ever seen her in.  That is normally the Dad zone and I’ve seen a move here or there but this was the first class I’ve been too.  She was so small on the mat!  She more or less was skill tested today and the teachers were impressed with her level and she is cleared to go in both MMA and BJJ classes.

I did duck out of some of the class to go check out the gym near by.  To say it is full of muscle heads is an understatement…. the LI accent is thick as is the smell of manly scents.  Personally I like my gyms empty and scentless but for a month it will be like visiting the set of Jersey Shore and my plan is to lift and leave – not interact with the natives (except my workout cousin Rob! he is going to buff me up).  Back to parents house to go through the dinner and bed routines and now it is the quiet time of night.

Tomorrow we are thinking ocean~ I even have a nice book to read so let’s hope~


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