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Pennsic; bog edition 

tilted tavern, old friends, songs from an elf and the miracle of miracle- Fiona went in a portapotty! Oh, and they all slept in (even if it was in my bed)

Pennsic more

I did laundry today, I you guessed pee as the reason why you would be half right; a bottle of juice on my bed was the other. 

Good thing they are all cute ….

Pennsic Tuesday 

hot hot hot but I got a nap and we found a babysitter! Once the sun went down a bit the play swords come out. 

Pictures of pennsic

Walkabout with the kids, they slept well last night.

I finally got to go out too and pennsic nightlife is just like I remember

Pic from pennsic

Did not die
Did not kill child(ren)
Tent etc up and we are at the playground

On our way

(Moms driving)