Three Smiles Thursday

Good that this exercise tends to come on days that I’m grumpy…  I got next to no sleep last night between kids with nightmares, peeing, and then just a million things on my mind between people needing me to be at specific places and times and figuring out how to get all the other things done that need doing.  Needless to say when Fiona woke me up at 6am, then I found out we were out of milk so no coffee … it was a rough morning.  Pro tip – if you are visiting a mom and feel like you want to bring ‘something’ bring a gallon of milk!

Deeeeep Breath – Focus on the positives 🙂

1. Niamh won round one of her/our reading challenge.  The best thing is that she is excited to read but prizes and seeing her name in giant letters on a website not written by her mom is awesome.  (click the dragon to see the post)

Nerd the brain’s picture – thank you!

2. MOMS club of Forest lake is, dare I say it, now a successful group.  I learned tons in school and working and one lesson that sticks out is that if you take leadership of a dire and desperate situation it might suck in the beginning but your capacity for success is far greater than if you are leading a successful group to start.  No matter what I win because I have met some really awesome friends in the group but now we are gaining momentum and filling the calendar and each playdate is fun and well attended and I look forward to them, and, we are attracting new members at an unprecedented rate.  This week we had something every single day!  With my succession plan in place for next June I feel confident that things will continue to grow.

3. Vacation!  As daunting as a cross country trip is I’m looking forward to it.  It is going to be a push to be ready on time but the beauty of driving is there is no firm takeoff time.  We also have not over planned this so there are not plans to break and remake, just aiming to get to NY in good grace.

ps. my picture upload tool is being a pain so no unique pictures 😦  Hope to fix that soon!


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