Strawberry day

Today I started with a fun hour at the dentist – the last visit for a long time (6 months at least) and then directly to picking up the bigger girls and friends and meeting the group for strawberry picking.

I can highly recommend the berry patch in Forest Lake.  Easy to find, decent parking, plenty of people working and I was even met at my car to direct me to where people were picking today and they give you a sturdy flat to pick into and its yours to keep.  They tell you to eat your fill and even asked the kids if they ate enough in the field.  Most of the staff is under 20 but I think it is family run and they know their stuff.  There is nothing else there so once you pick your fill you need a ‘whats next’ plan and it happens to be about 1 mile from Big Marine park where the kids can run off their strawberry energy.

Fiona was in school today and while I miss her cute face, managing 4 kids all 5 and up was like a piece of cake.  They picked, they hauled all I did was pay (and supervise, and taste quality control)

To top it off I made a deal with the mom of the other girls to leave my 2 with her for the afternoon so they can continue to play and I can pack and clean and relax for a few hours.  Hopefully she enjoyed her free morning too~

I love when the weather and the kids and the friends and the activity all just work.


3 responses to “Strawberry day”

  1. lacylauren says :

    I’m going to have to try strawberry picking, it sounds like so much fun!


  2. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Strawberry picking is the best! Our family made it a tradition growing up – my mom, grandmother, sister, and I all went together. It was fun bonding time. Plus the place we go to in White Bear Lake area has an awesome bakery too.

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