Women over 30 shouldn’t…. I think they SHOULD

I admit it, I just clicked an article that said ’24 things women over 30 shouldn’t wear’ and I knew that it was going to be trash but I read it.  And then I was mad.  Seriously?  Except for a couple things on the list I don’t think anyone should ever wear it was a crazy short sited post.  (for the record, I’m against the super ‘booty shorts’, mismatched socks, and overalls on anyone over tot age.

I’m not going to link the article for a few reasons – first she wrote it last year

– first she wrote it last year

– she does not disserve more clicks AND you don’t disserve to waste 5 min of your life because it is an annoying click 2x for every screen style ‘article’

– Finally, she seems to be writing better things recently so I hope she put this in her past.

Anyway, since I’m not linking here is a list of the things she says should be verboten for the aged over 30 crowd.

Scrunchies , Abercrombie & Fitch (because do 30 year olds even fit it?), Platform flip flops, glitter eyeshadow, cheap bras, old sneakers, Booty shorts, American Eagle, crop tops, overalls, mini skirts, short dresses, tube tops, furry anything, furry boots (let the teenagers have their fun!), hoop earrings, non-matching socks, oversized sunglasses, sparkly pants, leopard print, victoria’s secret pink, blue eyeshadow, bedazzled anything, graphic tees.

Anyone else mad?  I even left out the majority of her snarky ‘reasons’ but just could not resist a few of the ‘best’ in parenthesis.  I could easily defend every single thing for basically any age except for the few that are cringe worthy at any age.  The worst bit is saying that 30 is old because it really isn’t.  I would like to know what the three brands would say if the majority of the people who can afford their brand are told it is not for them…  The redeeming fact from the article was the overwhelming number of comments that more or less say that this author is either incredibly repressed, boring, dull, and not worth listening to.

Instead of coming back at her trying to disprove her negative, here are 10 things I think all 30-year-olds should have on their list.  If you don’t get it done by 30, no problem!  If you are square with everything already great!  With the current phrase of ‘adulting’ being so popular, this list is a blend of adult stuff that you should get around to around 30.

1. Go on a vacation without your parents (and wear a tube top!)

2. Buy a house if it is fiscally responsible

3. Do some DIY stuff like painting a room or ripping up a carpet (why one needs old sneakers)

4. Backpack a trail and camp (while wearing graphic tee shirts)

5. Find a wine you like (tip: earrings make great wine charms)

6. Read a book for no reason other then you want to

7. Join a gym or club and actually go (so if you choose to wear short anything you rock it)

8.  Have a kid, or don’t, or be in the middle of trying but have a kid plan

9. Own your problems.  Maybe they came from someone or something but by 30 you need to own it.

10. Look for a new skill or hobby or area of interest – never stop really

bonus – get a financial plan of some sort, that’s not something you want to put off until you are 50.

There are tons more things but I don’t want to make a super flawed list like she did.  My point is that 30 is really just getting into the world of ‘adult’ stuff.  There are people at 30 who are doing fabulous things in their career, but most are just still earning their spot and still making rookie mistakes.  Some people at 30 are caring for a 2-year-old in diapers AND a parent in diapers – those are adult decisions that I am happy to avoid.  I know people under 30 that I would trust with all my money and my kids and there are others that I would not trust to cross the street themselves.  Crazy assumptions based on age are just crazy and I think it only gets worse.  It is fair to say a 3-year-old does this and a 10-year-old is capable of that but it starts to get almost unrealistic to base things on age….

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4 responses to “Women over 30 shouldn’t…. I think they SHOULD”

  1. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Even though I was much skinner when I was younger I was also much more of an anxiety riddled mess. Now at 32 I’m feeling like I’m finally truly embracing where I’m at and life just keeps getting better. I’m not the only one who’s said that either. I really appreciate your list 🙂


  2. M@Home says :

    Like your list


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