Fathers day and stuff

I realize I’ve completely abandoned most of my challenges…  I really do want to get back to them one of these days but I’ve been just busy with life (that I want to share!) that I just can’t seem to get to the story or photo challenges I love to participate it.  On the other hand, there are over 700 of you subscribers out there so I must be doing something right with my yapping about normal suburban life.

This weekend was fathers day AND midsummer meaning that dad got like 2 hours more sun then moms ~  For fathers day we went to the zoo, it seems to be ‘the thing’ because we did it in 2013 too




Lars decided on tons of treats for the Fathers day experience and got the girls ice cream and lollypops.  Lollipops were not a good idea since they were very sticky and not very tasty.  Fiona was so sticky the camel ride asked her to wash up first!  Oh yeah, the MN zoo let the cool giraffes and zebras go and kept camels?  Zoe cried…  but we rode the camel and by ride I mean walk in a small circle and donate $15 to the zoo.  We like the zoo, they can have $15, but the ride was not worth it .


The girls also gave Lars a rather forceful massage when I think he might have wanted a nap…


We finished the day by eating outside and enjoying our extra hours of light with a walk at 9pm that was still in good light.

I called my own dad bright and early, but he was already boat bound so sketchy cell reception, plus, he has an extra 4 kids in the house to be festive and I’ll see him next week 🙂

This week I need to motivate through all the packing and vacation prep.  I’m lucky to have a friend pitching in and sewing a few things so THAT is off the list.  I am also lucky to have friends to watch the girls while I actually pack so nothing is left behind (like Zoe’s undies, that has happened 2x…).  I need to get to the lists and the laundry and the ever constant parenting~


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