Three Things Thursday

Once a week it is a good idea to look back on the cool, fun, good things in the week and I’m glad to have a prompt from such a fun blog as Nerd the Brain.  I sometimes surprise myself with what I’ve already forgotten about in less than 7 days…  Today I actually forgot that it was Thursday until after I published the blog post earlier today (that I started yesterday to be fair)  but it is, and I love this challenge, so two posts today it is!

1. A great dentist.  Fiona loved the dentist and took her turn with aplomb.  Niamh’s teeth are not as bad as I thought and that is awesome because she seems to be growing a second row (baby teeth not falling out) but the dentist said it was just that the adult teeth for that spot are not in yet.  Bad news possible – her mouth is small, her teeth are large, cross your fingers for some mouth growth in the next 6 months….


2. Our first convention!  We met a friend there who showed us around and it was pretty fun overall.  I’m glad we got another wearing out of the Halloween pony costumes and there were some pretty impressive people there.


3.  We are participating in a fun reading challenge that has cool things like “read a book about nature in nature” so this is Niamh reading about eagles on our porch.  I’m just glad she is reading and over the moon that she is seeking books to fill this challenge out.  Honestly, I think it is intended for kids because you know how hard it is to find an adult book with a protagonist under 14?!?


Now I really need to go do things in the house, or, read my book – I just got one with an author with the same name as me and its pretty good so far.  Oh!  I need to read a book recommended by a friend so please, recommendations-


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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    I’m so glad everyone is enjoying the Reading Program! 😀 If you like fantasy, I can suggest The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett…it has a protagonist under 14. 😀 (Of course, now you could count it for that challenge or the recommended by a friend challenge.) 🙂


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