Pennsic bound!

Well… ok, Pennsic bound in like a monthish, I’m not going out super early BUT I am going to be there for 2 weeks for the first time since I hardly remember.  Never with kids, not since I moved to MN…  I think maybe 2000?  The first week is awesome in my memory and for all the set up you need to do, being there for 2 full weeks makes it feel worth it.  I’m hopeful that Lars will make it out at some point so he can drive home with me, if not, I’m looking at you mom~  (or we will figure it out, no point in borrowing trouble).  Point was, I finally pre-regged so we are really really going.

Suddenly leaving for NY and then Pennsic have snuck up on me.  Time slides by and we have been doing plenty and there is a big list of things we have not done yet.  We wanted to set up playdates with school friends but I’ve just not gotten that ball rolling.  Today we got the “return or else!” note from the library because we keep doing other things on library day.  There is a brand new pool in the box we need to get opened …. you get the picture.  Relaxing is hard work.  It just hit me I have less than 2 weeks before I’m leaving for 6 weeks – I need to get on the ball with some of the projects.

Today I planned a bit too much fun – The track camp Niamh is in overlaps with the tennis I put Niamh and Zoe it but, as expected, the coach was cool with her missing 30 min.  I also had a playdate at a local park with Moms club and so I dropped Niamh off and headed over there just to turn around in an hour to go get her again.  Luckily #2 and 3 were fine to stay with fellow Moms so I picked up #1 and we all played with 9 other moms and a whole bunch of kids until hunger pains got the kids in the car and we had lunch and rest and THEN we get to go to the dentist!  Fun for all!  Tonight we are having a few friends over and it will be a busy fun full day.  Oh, and because I usually work out on Tuesday nights and that was booked I had to get out of bed and run EARLY today so the jam on toast I just ate is preburned off (that works like that right?).


Ok, off I go to try and sort out summer clothing in 5 different sizes and finish swapping wardrobes before the dentist.  Good luck to me!


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