Mental Math

Today I started the day with a pleasant series of text interactions over my first cup of coffee.

– A bit of party planning with a busy friend

– A follow up on a text changing plans for tonight

– Talk with a sister about a gift for Lars

– A little goal setting with my ‘trainer’ (who isn’t really MINE since he is far away but he helps)

Then to the gym to lift the weights I set with my trainer.  I SERIOUSLY thought I was meeting the goal weight but feeling that something was ‘too easy’.  Then I check my math….  yup, can’t add.  In my defence; loading a bar is not the most easy math problem because you always start with the given (bar) at 45lb.  Then you HAVE to add in equal amounts to each side so all goals must be like; (goal) – (given) /2.  So for my 120 goal I needed to subtract 45 and then divide by 2 and that equals 37.5.  Technically my goal is impossible since there are no 1/2-pound plates.  So I can round, sure, but to further the equation you then need to make up that total with a combo of 25’s, 10’s, 5’s, and the rare 2.5.  Oh, there are 45’s and stuff I guess but I’m not there yet!  I ended up with 115 pounds but I thought it was 135 – oops!  Mental math with gym-brain is not all that reliable… Regardless, I did a whole bunch and feel better for it overall.

Anyone who says math is not part of life leads a very very very sad life.  Off the top of my head, leading a non-math job life, I have done the weights exercise (punny!) and, I made oatmeal using a 1c measure and both dividing and estimating to get the 1/2 cup so I didn’t need dirty two cups.  I gave exact change for a coffee, and, then a bit of division to figure out the challenges for the reading program I signed Niamh and I up for.  It’s like common core over here, math and reading all mashed together!

This is all I have time for today, I must get back to the home organization while the nap time is happening….


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