3 Smiles Thursday

This week has had a batch of things that DON’T make me smile such as mild virus, expensive ‘invisible’ replacement of the furnace, and a few bouts of getting used to having 3 all the time but each of those things did actually have positive side effects if I squint and look closely.

On the other hand, for the first week of summer vacation there is plenty to make me smile;

1. Time and ability to do fun hair – and – kids that want fun hair!  Zoe declared this new ‘do’ as what she wants forever now.  Niamh’s hair is a 4 strand braid that I learned earlier in the week attempting to use a friendship bracelet kit the girls got for their birthday.  No bracelets were made, it is a bit fiddly for them yet, but I have wondered how to do a 4 strand for a while.  In case you are wondering;  4 strands, imagine them as inner and outer sets.  Cross each outer one into the middle (now your inners are the new outer) and the key is then cross the new inners.  Pay attention to the under over like in regular braid and it really is easy.


4 strand braid


2. I will never get tired of what Fiona chooses to wear….  I also love her willingness to try anything her sisters do like scooter.  I super love the fact that Zoe let Fiona borrow the scooter and even offered her helmet.


3. A summer Forest Lake thing – the ‘farmers’ market.  There are next to no farmers there but there is music and food trucks and various vendors selling the standard craft stuff.  I refrain from saying ‘I can make that’ because I know people hate hearing that but seriously, I can.  It was an impromptu trip – Lars usually takes them swimming but he didn’t feel like swimming so he took them out to dinner in town and I said I would meet them after for a walk around.  It was a bit of a late night but everyone was good and happy and it was fun.  And we got cupcakes 🙂


I lost time on my clearing projects due to mild virus and oppressive heat but I’m sure things will work out one way or another.

ps.  Thanks Nerd the Brain for the inspiration for this – if YOU would like to share 3 smiles for the week I would love to hear them

pps. I have been posting more on Instagram if you are on that you can find me as KateLu79

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