Other Kate – UK

Once I found AU Kate it was like finding a fun friend, and while the emails for her didn’t actually stop I had an address to forward them on to so the mystery was gone.

However…. there is still the mystery of UK Kate and PA Kate.

I’ve been zeroing in on UK Kate, she has kids, she online shops, I actually even have seen a picture since she used my address to sign up for a drop-box and uploaded a set of pictures.  Yup, I looked, but I was seriously worried that I might see something emotionally scarring.  Luckily she just looked like a normal mom type.  I actually like one of the news services she signed up for, but, there is such fun in trying to find her.

Tonight I got a note that a builder was interested in my project.  I’ve used contractor services like that and wanted to make sure I closed it out so nobody spent time on a closed job and then I realized it was UK Kate!  I clicked into the service and noticed that all the prices were in pounds, and, all the locations were in England so that was a big hint.  For the record, she wants a ‘tap’ put into her garden.  Lucky for me, my Irish dad instilled the knowledge that a faucet is also known as a tap…  (Although a beer tap in the garden would be cool).  I have no idea if she means garden like we do with flowers etc, or, if it just means yard because that is another US v UK thing but that isn’t the point.  I feel that if you use my email I’m entitled to slightly invade your privacy to try and figure out who you are.  SO she didn’t have her address but she did have her cell so I texted her… lets see if I get a new Kate friend 🙂

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