90 degrees and guess what?

My AC is broken….

I grew up with no air conditioning but our house was built for breezes and all the heat probably kept me a thin child because of equal parts not wanting to eat in the heat, melting, and never feeling hungry because of the 11million icepops I ate.  I bet my liver is a brilliant shade of blue.  On the other hand I know how to keep a house comfortable with shades and open windows and fans and right now it is quite comfortable in the majority of the house.  Given that it is 90 degrees outside I *almost* feel like we could do without….


It is not our AC, it is the blower, a part of our furnace….  That I don’t need today but since one of my nightmare scenarios is having the heat go out in a MN winter I suppose I am happy enough it happened mid June.  Lars was left alone with the HVAC guy (I had a park playdate) and so now we have the top of the line furnace getting installed in the next week because – reasons – I’m just lucky the HVAC man does not also sell timeshare.  IMG_5564

In other news, day 2 of summer is going well.  I got a bonus sleep in day and that is a surprise and gave me a much better outlook on the whole write-a-big-check thing but, kids ended up watching tv instead of reading.  Whatever, its summer, I knew that plan was as good as the paper it was written on 🙂  Reading will happen and Niamh is still obsessing about birds and actually did get a good picture of a wood pecker, something I’ve been missing for years.  I taught her how to use simple photo editing today so she can clean up her pictures for printing.

Birding is also something we can do together since she is excited to show me something.  Yesterday I got this awesome  shot from a nest she found.IMG_2359

Once again this post took hours to actually finish up and now I’m feeling that the house is on the warm side so time for a cool activity.



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