I need boundaries!

Nope, I’m not streaking in public, but with the joy of not living by the clock to get kids to or from a bus I’ve lost some of the shape of the day.


Zoe; an ode to pine….

So far this first day is going well and June is looking like a nice level of busy.  We have something most mornings and more free afternoons.  Niamh is VERY interested in a bird/nature journal and spent a bunch of time today trying to take pictures of birds in our yard.  Zoe went with taking pictures of trees, way easier overall, but both bopped around outside for more than 2 hours.  Fiona is not conducive to bird watching – we actually had a robin move out since she was so loud in our yard, so Niamh has to wait for quiet times like nap time.  Fiona missed the normal nap time and is napping now but with no bus to worry about it is A-OKIMG_5561.

I know the summer will race by because today certainly did.  With no deadlines, I ended up chatting with my sisters instead of doing the planned house project of the afternoon.  The day isn’t over yet and I’m thinking about just getting a waiver for people who visit that makes them swear to be non-judgemental 🙂   I read a friend’s account of her summer plan and she said that for the past 2 years she has 1 field trip a week, a morning activity like a class they signed up for or a lesson etc and then after they do some reading they are free to do whatever they like all the rest of the day.  I also read a cool article that said that if you require a few chunks of time dedicated to outside or craft or learning per day and then allow unlimited screen time after that you end up with them getting into the other activities more and wanting less TV.  I’m doing a hybrid so now you all can read my idea for the summer and morph it into what works for you!

– Wake up time –

TV for anyone awake before 7:30 – TV off between 7:30 and 8 and breakfast consumed, clothing put on etc

– Before TV goes on again –

30min outside

15 min learning

** most likely we have something to get to by 10:30 – 12ish so that completes the morning **

– Fiona nap zone –

Screens ok if 30/15 are done but I have a feeling this is when we will do the more bitsy crafts but ‘free time’ for the most part.

– Late afternoon/evening –

Basically what we always do; each day has its own ‘thing’ but we will have a bit more freedom to be up later or go out after nap.  Our normal day ends with 3 ‘good girl’ things to earn TV before bed.  That more or less means they have to clean 3 things while I’m cleaning and if we actually do it every night things stay under control.

My life during the summer will have to adjust because my normal Nap Zone will not be reliable because that’s when Niamh will read and little crafts need setting up.  Zoe gets bored by TV after an hour so I’ve been easing into the lack of nap break for the past few months, but, she is also pretty independent once I set something up.  I hope to get back to a morning jog before the heat and before Lars needs to be at work because I don’t have to motivate bodies and lunches to a bus.  I have a feeling blogging will either be earlier in the morning or later in the day.  The hope is to use some of the kid ‘free choice’ afternoon time to do house projects but today that turned into chatting with my sister and her baby – new babies cause nonproductiveness even 1000 miles away!

You know how plans go, ask me in a week how I’m doing 😉

So now I must again parent…  I would like to get back to talk weekend but I have a feeling that won’t happen. Long story short we didn’t camp but we did have a wonderful time and all the armor scramble was worth it because Niamh had a perfect time fighting.IMG_5550

The other girls did very well too.  The magic of an event where there honestly is a village looking after the kids who are running to and fro playing together held true.  I ended up feeding at least 2 extra kids but that is fine since I semi counted on it.  I also had a nice chunk of time to just sit and chat with friends.  Fiona was a bit odd about what bathroom she would and would not use so there was lots of walking but she also took a nap so the day was a win for all.  I think we are finally able to start planning a real return to SCA life 🙂


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One response to “I need boundaries!”

  1. Becky says :

    It was so lovely to see you and the family and to have a chance to hang out under the shade fly and visit. Jim is hoping you’ll find time to stop by MSP-MLP this weekend. Let me know if you want his cell number to give him a call if you end up going.

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