Last day of school – first day of summer

Today is Niamh’s last day of 1st grade.  Her class and teacher were wonderful this year and I think the year has changed her tons, just look at this first day last day~


And I have completed my perfect streak of 100% on time delivery and pickup for the bus.  It was close a few times but we never missed it!  While I do love our bus driver, I won’t miss the hustle for an exact time morning and afternoon.


I’m currently debating what to do for summer.  There are only two things Niamh wants to do but they are at the exact same time!  Zoe is easier since she is only eligible for one camp and Fiona is too young for it all but I think she will be fine with that since she is still doing daycare school once a week until we go to NY.  **Before I finished this post I figured out the best way, I’m putting them in earlier tennis so Niamh only misses the first 30 min of track 2x and hopefully that isn’t all that important…  I feel like tennis is one of those things they can always do together or we can do as a family, might as well learn now when 4 lessons are $35!

NY dates are finally getting real.  I have a return flight  for Lars and we are waiting on a few details to figure out when we are leaving her.  Road tripping again and I need to go look for things to do along the way but there isn’t much between MN and Long Island (other than Chicago) but we might do a half day at the dells or something like that to make the trip fun.

This post has taken soooo long to write that I can now say that we are 99% packed for the event and I’m ready for my beer and I’m lost as to what more to say so time to hit publish.


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