Got hurt? Hurt myself? Am Hurt?

What phrase is correct?  I don’t know….

Saturday after a complicated round at Costco that started with me parking in the ‘special’ tire center parking spots that is far from the main entrance and navigating the cocktail hour of samples, to finally buying a picnic bench that I needed assistance to not just get off the shelf but also get to the car I was at the end of my reserve when I finished finally getting everything – table, food, kids, lunch, hats, cats etc into the car and I looked to put away the cart and there was NO PLACE in eyesight (remember I’m far from a normal spot) so I opt to pull the cart onto the sidewalk and triple check that it isn’t going anywhere when a guy shouts from a few spots away “Hey, are you going to leave that there?”.  Silly me, with all the YEARS of polite and nice people (and also being one myself) I thought he must just want the cart – they do get sparse on a Saturday.  When I said “yes, would you like it?” he started berating me about how the “rules don’t apply to you!” etc etc.  He was loud, he was mean, and I got mad.  I got my phone and took a picture of his car to let him know that his bad behavior was now on record…

I know, that was dumb.  I should have just acknowledged that mean people suck and he was probably  having a bad day and maybe his dog just died or whatever.  However he escalated to standing behind my car, video taping me in my face walking by giving me the finger the whole time.  Most of the ‘banter’ was dumb but he did say “well thank god I don’t have kids” and I had to reply “please don’t, ever.” and he got in his little blue Fiat (that should be a hint) and we both exited the parking lot.  He, rule follower that he is, cut off a woman mid turn to zip in front of her and out onto the road.  I, the cart deviant, waited like normal human who follows traffic LAWS and ironically still ended up behind him at the next light waiting to turn left.  He chose to ignore the green arrow… to make me mad?  because he was on the phone?  I don’t know but I counted to ten and then honked, then honked again because I had already stopped short because he was stopped when he should be going.

I finally did get him to move and when we made the left thank goodness he went straight and then I could go right onto the real highway but all the while he was flipping me off as I went by.  This all made me incredibly angry – adrenaline, thing I wish I could have said or did that I’m glad I didn’t really since I’m not a mean or violent person but my muscles in my neck curled into a rock.  Maybe I got minor whiplash from stopping short or maybe it was crazy suppressed hulk rage because I had to spend 20 min explaining to a 3 year old that when I say “cut someone off” doesn’t mean the lady is cut or bleeding, and, that man was mean and a bad driver….

The result was a neck cramp that is so painful that it crept into my arm and elbow and hand and days later I’m finally able to use my arm without too much pain after tons of trigger point pressure, ice, and heat.  The further result was not wanting to type thus lack of blog entry.  To top it all off, today I got a root canal and while my dentist is fantastic, it is still 2 hours of jaw cracking, tooth annihilateing fun….  But Zoe really loved her dentist visit and sat like an angel for over an hour while I was still in the chair.  I ended up going to work out and that actually helped a bit (or maybe it was the novocaine?) and I came home and took a nap while Fiona napped.  Pain in my neck and mouth for the past few days mean that I have not been sleeping well either.


Hopefully this weekend I get back on track.  We decided not to camp but we are day-tripping and I’m looking forward to seeing friends and for Niamh to get to fight with her new gear.

Focusing on the positive of the week – other than the new addition – I had a few great playdates that took my mind off the pain and plenty of play time with the kids while I was avoiding heavy chores 😉


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One response to “Got hurt? Hurt myself? Am Hurt?”

  1. nimi naren says :

    Get well soon..


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