Fiona – age 3

Dear Fiona

First of all, writing ‘Fiona’ feels a bit ingenuine because you introduce yourself as Mona right now.  I’m not sure if that is because you don’t say the F sound yet (don’t ask about the (b)fishes we visit) or if you just like Mona better, but we also call you FiFi, Fi, and by your sisters names so names are fluid.

You made it just under the wire for potty training.  As of 3 you are diaper free and won’t even wear one at night now (even though you need to) so we compromise with a pull-up.  Anyone need a half case of Huggies size 4?  You took your time but then all of a sudden you decided you were done with diapers and I’m all for that decision.

Walking for you came so easily I hardly remember you NOT walking but now you are a credible runner and can go a quarter mile with no stops.  Somehow none of you got a gene for bike riding/steering and you are sill incompetent on a tricycle.  You can climb and balance and hop on one foot and do pushups and yoga and more or less mimic any motion you see and you love to dance.  If there is music you are dancing, if there isn’t music you request it.  Right now you like to put on princess dresses and dance and we have little dance parties almost daily.  You also sing, your best song is “Let it go” and since you obsessively watched it for months I don’t doubt you will never forget it.  Other songs you get a bit stuck on one set of lyrics but sing the same words to the entire tune, the best one is “stomp the bats” from Ponies.

Speaking of TV – you have finally joined the cult and love it.  You probably watch too much but when you insist on waking up at 6:30 and will watch a show  without causing problems that is what happens.  Bubble Guppies, Dora and Friends and UmiZoomie are top and Daniel Tiger is right in there too.  Just like any other kid you can absolutely navigate an iPad or a Kindle and you are learning the old fashioned mouse a bit too.  You will never remember a time without a phone/computer and I have the finger prints on my screen and the TV to prove you think the world should be a touch screen.

Developmentally – The Doctors are happy; you are over 50% for height and on the chart for weight at 15% and you talk and understand and follow many step instructions.  Unfortunately, breathing has always been a ‘thing’ and we think either allergies or asthma so nightly you get a dose of kids med and a neb machine is in the closet. You can stack blocks and love to make houses for your animals.  You still adore babies and have mothered a babydoll all year.  I love when I see you playing solo with all the little people and animals and you create all the narratives just like your sisters did.  Sometimes you even play with toys with your sisters but often you prefer the role of the Monster that Destroys (because they make such nice noises!).

You are developing empathy for sure.  You can tell when someone is mad or sad and give kisses and hugs.  When things are tense you know to sit tight. Even though we don’t see our family much you know them all and recognize everyone in pictures even if they are way younger then when you knew them, and, you have conversations often via webcam.  Competition is an absolute motivator.  If there is ‘first’ ‘king’ ‘or winning’ on the line you are streaking for it.  Since I offer M&M prizes for getting dressed solo, you have dressed yourself for months and I think car seat tictacs get you seated and into your 5 point car seat all by yourself.  I buy tic tacks by the 100 container now…. When you are alone you are charming and helpful unless you don’t feel like it, are tired, are hungry, or some phase of the moon but most of the time you are an easy and engaging kid.  By easy I don’t mean you just sit there, I have to watch you for sure, but you don’t tend to go for dangerous or destructive so I’ll take that.  On the other hand, you still think eating things that are not food is fun like playdough, crayons, etc but you have quit ingesting books.  Your bed is full of books and you like to read them to your babies when you should be sleeping.

Going to bed gets its own paragraph!  Kudos to you for many years (2.2 apx) of being the absolute bedtime winner.  We needed you to go in your bed, get kisses and songs, and go to sleep without a peep because during that time we were doing constant battle with your sister.  At least we are not tag teamed because about 5 months ago you discovered excuses to get out of bed.  You need a cookie-cracker, your water cup, a baby wipe, your plethora of soft objects that vary and range in importance depending on who is missing but you always need yellow blanket, baby, teddy, pink bunny, fragile bunny, Dora (who is really Niamh’s), owl (who is really Zoe’s) and a pile of books and a rotation of other animals.  Now you pop out of bed with frustrating regularity and eventually go to sleep.  About 1 in 20 nights you just pass out….   On the other hand, you do pretty well with naps.  Some days you fight and decline but most you just lie down and nap.  I need that time, naps have saved your mother’s sanity, keep napping while you can because one day you don’t get them anymore.

Likes and dislikes – you mostly like everything and everyone one except when you don’t.  You Love salmon and most fish and guacamole and eggs of all type but you hate catsup and chicken nuggets with a passion.  If I’m eating it you want to try it and mac n cheese is always a winner.  You love your sisters and all the kids we see and you aggressively love anyone younger than you.  Fashion wise you love sparkles and fancy and dresses and high heels and mix your colors and patterns with an eye that is all your own.  Good thing you are cute regardless!

In your short life basically ‘nothing’ has happened.  No moves, no siblings, no job changes – basically you are having a calm normal peaceful ride through toddlerhood.  You have been the child that has been with me the very most and you humor me by saying you are ‘my baby’ and snuggling me.  You are oddly more gentle than your sisters, a bit more aware of your flailing limbs (not 100% for sure but decent).  Some things you race a head and others you take your time but you seem ready for anything we throw at you from 25h long drives to napping wherever you happen to be.  Niamh’s 1st-grade teacher thought you were going into real preschool already because you are very school trained – must be from playing school with your sisters.

I’m looking forward to this summer where you won’t need me to ensure you are not attempting to kamikaze into something and you will get to see your cousins and our NY friends and go to Pennsic.  When I said nothing happened in your life I didn’t mean it was dull!  In the past year you roadtripped to FL, had an overnight in a hospital, learned a ton, went to SCA events an generally tagged along for the ride for tons of things.  I think 3 will be a good year with more crazy and growing and fun and I’m sure things I can’t even imagine even though I’ve already ‘done’ 3 2x already you find a way to be different.

Love you Sweet Fe


ps. wordpress is broken and won’t let me upload pictures…


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