Archive | May 28, 2015

Three things Thursday

Getting to my computer is a rare treat.  Today I went to the gym and I’m quick blogging before a well child check. Whoever said stay at home life was dull didn’t try very hard or didn’t know a stay at home mom!

This week has been a busy and fun one with Monday and Tuesday off and yesterday I joined Niamh’s class at the children’s museum.  Even though I knew 25% of the kids in the mob, I still don’t like going to a public place with a hoard!  I’m glad I went though because Niamh was happy to see me there and I also got to meet more class mom’s.IMG_5439

Since last week my big project is chugging along.  The garage is not yet ‘done’ and who knows if it ever will be but I’ve made progress and hopefully more progress will happen soon.  I also need to focus on cleaning for a brunch this Sunday, prepping for the first camping trip of the year next weekend and making the guest room guest ready for the following weekend.  All this will really impact my candy crush score…


and with all the help I get it sometimes takes all my time to do the basics!


But my #3 thing this week (and ever on my list) is the fact that all my kids want to be with me –  FYI – I woke up like this…


This actually took so long that I went to the Dr and got home again and got Niamh from the bus and everything.  Zoe is right on target – little bit taller then average and a little bit lighter  and that is all ok by me.  She also has perfect hearing and vision so no excuses for not ‘hearing’ me or finding things 😉