Bricks in the wall!

Potty training – bam – she is at 99% now.  An accident when she is totally engrossed in something but hey, I needed a reason to wash that couch cushion.  The best part is that while she is 4 months older then both her sisters were she skipped right to just going when she needs to rather than me needing the incessant potty clock watch.

Friends moving here! Boom! Offer and Acceptance just like that after a scant YEAR of back and forth on the subject.  I even have a fairly certain move date so I now can focus my efforts to make a place in the house for her.

Other friends are nearly homeowners. KaPow!  The ducks are falling into line and pending inspection they will have a nice house not too far away with a closing date that makes all sorts of things easy 🙂

Personally I got about half the house things done this weekend I wanted to but the weather was so ick that there were just no ‘go play outside’ times so I parented and did projects and that is the slower way to go.  It does feel good though to have these things in my world firm up so I can set up projects and plans around them with some confidence.  All I’m waiting for is a new niece or nephew to pop out but that will happen in good time and I’m sure I’ll be alerted asap.

Today is practice for summer break with 3 girls home and I the solo parent.  Niamh actually has a week and a half left but it is winding down so I need to get used to the 3 dynamic again.  They are in radically different places than last year and that makes some things easier and other things harder, I’m sure we will figure it out around August 20th~

Now I need to get going on all the Monday I didn’t do yesterday and get ready for a party weekend.


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