One Four Challenge – week 3

I love getting a chance to play with all the features.  I even had a weird dream that a friend sent me a facebook message telling me to use a certain feature in Picasa and where to find it.  It was so vivid I even looked (not there).  Is it sad that I dream about finding new edit tools?

To review, the challenge is to take one picture and edit it 4 ways over the month.

Week 1

Week 2

This week I went wild.

I kept the crop from last week and then I went black and white and messed with the highlights and shadows to more or less make it like a line drawing.  The plan was to leave it like that, coloring book style, but it was pretty dull and there are so many fun buttons to push…

So I used the feature “Heat Map” and played a bit with the sliders and finally rotated it and ta-da! Totally not a picture of a sweet potato (or a yam) ((or is it?))

fixit may3

Here is the hostess of this challenge and there are a ton of other awesome fun people participating too.


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One response to “One Four Challenge – week 3”

  1. kateluthner79 says :

    I feel like it looks like red blood cells now


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