Cee’s fun foto – trash can/rule of third

It is a picture post type of day.  Outside is gloomy, the house is messy and it is way more fun to waste use my nap time on picture projects 🙂

Cee gave a list of options this week and I’m choosing the unsung hero – the trash can.  We have the big cool trucks with forks on the side that tip the trash into the truck and roll on by.  It is the highlight of our Monday to go see the big truck.

Finding a picture with a trash can in it is easy!  They sneak into all my pictures in the side yard.  I give them credit, they have held up for 10+ years and we almost never fill-um up.  Lars feels like it is a bit of magic in our lives – we put our problems into a can and Monday rolls around and someone takes them away.  Personally I feel a bit of guilt on the waste but we do our part  being careful.

In this picture series of the trash can he is willingly playing along with the easter egg hunt, hiding that egg in plain sight – thanks trash can!


egg up?



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2 responses to “Cee’s fun foto – trash can/rule of third”

  1. Cee Neuner says :

    Such a nice tribute of for our garbage can. Your photos are cute. We rarely if ever fill ours too. We often times go 2 or 3 weeks…then it is full.


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