Zoe is 5

Dear Zoe


As of 1:16 today you have been on the outside for 5 whole years.  Your birthday has been much anticipated and you ere up and celebrating bright and early (but not too early, you learned something in 5 years)


I’ve instagrammed along the way but last night we set up the kitchen for you and this morning was fancy pancakes and eggs fresh from a friend’s chicken (named Pink Robin, Rainbow, or, Batman).  You totally loved the special touches and even noticed the high quality of the eggs. Today is one of the last school days so I didn’t want to take away from that so Fiona and I brought you an awesome cupcake cake at school and said an extra hello and birthday hug.  When you’re in preschool mom visiting makes you a rock star (how long will that last?) After school we will open presents and then go to a friends house and at some point you will officially blow out candles on your brownie cake (by request, aka, a pan of brownies)IMG_5344

At just 5 years old you have people equally saying “She is 5 ALREADY!” and “She is ONLY 5?!?”  The difference is usually people who remember you being born v people you have conversations with.  You holds your own in an adult conversation and frequently you are the one to start them, you are not shy at all.  I’m constantly amazed at how you recall information and applies it to a new situation.  (almost makes me feel bad about perpetuating fairies etc).  Back on MLK day we discussed, on an elementary school level, about segregation and what MLK was fighting for etc.  As kids do, you asked me a half dozen times to tell it all again but it sunk in because well over a month later you heard the song “Why can’t we be Friends” and said that you thought it must be about the time of segregation.  I’m serious…  I don’t use baby words 99% of the time and your vocabulary is pretty good – you actually said exactly that.

Physically you are on target for height and weight, just rolling into the 5T size, we will see at your well child on Monday but I’m getting 50%.  Your eyes are the darkest of the three and your hair is right in the middle at a not quite brown but not quite blond.  You love haircuts and look great with a fresh cut, your hair really does not grow fast so the cut lasts a long time.  There is nothing you won’t climb but you will occasionally say you are afraid of heights but I think its for the drama.  You absolutely sleep with as much light as possible but I think it is so you can play at night.  Bedtime has gotten much better over this year, we almost never have a meltdown (just sometimes) and at least 75% of the time you stay in your room now.  You are not totally dry every night yet but better all the time, I’m fine with that since you don’t freak out about it, you come upstairs for a new night shirt (of mine) and sleep on my rug.  You also potty trained for daytime in 3 days so I’ll give you this.


You seems less overall musical then your sisters but you sing well with tune and pitch.  You actually make up songs tons and will sing to me what you want etc, I say not musical because you seldom request any music yourself and don’t overly care for the music tv shows.  You biggest issue is always volume, excitement = volume, Upset = volume, awake = volume. You are just a loud talker and someday you will be able to talk to a huge crowd without  a mic but in our little house/car/bathroom  it is loud.

You love to play with little figures, you have for ages.  You will create long long stories with them and play alone or with Niamh for an hour or more.  You have toned down being a puppy (named pup-pup) all the time, but, you always want to pretend to be ‘the pet’ in games.  Your animal love has grown to include horses, Zebra’s, dogs, Giraffes, and owls are still top of the list.  Sometimes you suddenly start crying because you don’t have a horse.   Sometimes you also start to cry because you never met your Dad’s mom and you added a line in our God-Bless litany that is “and all the people who are dead but alive in heaven” I’m not sure how to correct that concept so I’m letting it go because I have no idea if I’m right or you are (or neither or both).

Suffice it to say your logic is locked on and if I give you a good reason 80% of the time you goes with it.  The 20% is when you are hungry or tired or just whatever because you are by no means an easy girl all the time.  Sometimes you really are, you helps me with projects all over the house, we talk, you play and all is well and sometimes you are the opposite.  I don’t think you are out of line for your age at all, even if it makes some days very frustrating.  On the positive you always seem very interested in what I or anyone is doing and will watch and learn.  Hopefully this keeps up but so far you are pretty handy on the loopy loom, you draw really well, and you can write all the letters upper and lowercase and you are so close to reading you can smell it, oh, and you love smelling things… not sure where to add that tidbit of Zoeness.

You are absolutely ready for kindergarden next year.  This year you went to 3 day a week full day preschool and loved it.  You learned tons, met friends, and I think it was the best choice for you.  You even rode the bus and I’m so glad that I had the confidence to let you because Niamh was our safety net (not that you needed it).  Niamh by your side gives you a ton of extra brave points and I think that is why people always think you are older, you lump in with her nicely.


You have very firm ideas about what you will and won’t wear.  We boxed over half your wardrobe because it was more or less in your way but now you love all the things in your closet.  This makes it easy on everyone and you love getting dressed or PJ’s on to ‘surprise me’.  It is hard to pin down your favorites because you change your mind often.  Right now you love red and wants to be a police officer but that is literally just today.  Your dislikes are more firm, she does not like polka dots, things that are not fancy, or the color green but other then that dislikes change constantly too.  You always eat pizza, pizza rolls, and candy and you are a juice-a-holic but other foods are a coin toss.  In the end you mostly like the food if you agree to try it.


You are still 2x independent and always surprising me.  You pack things, remember things, climb to get your own things…  Mostly its good.  I love telling you to pack lunch for us all because you do it!  You love watching TV but nowhere near as much as Niamh, you get bored and come find me or you draw and watch all the time.

I need to wrap this up but 4 was a big growing year.  You are an articulate and thoughtful and loud and outgoing little girl (sorry, you object to ‘little’ so we say middle girl).  I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

Love you

Mom (and Dad)


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