3 things for Thursday

Double post day because tomorrow is all about the Zoe!

This post is so fun for me because I just go through my phone and get to re-live the cool or fun things from the past week.  I’m ever grateful to Nerdthebrain for this project 🙂

1. First backyard fire of the season.  What made it even better was that finally I don’t have extreme anxiety that a ‘dumb’ toddler will walk into the fire.  This might be the first I’ve enjoyed personally in years!


2. Reading bug.  I picked her up from the bus and asked her the ‘how was your day’ questions and she “uh ha” replied and I looked and she was ignoring me and reading.  She kept reading.  And reading .  Apparently she likes non fiction~


3. A tie actually between two things that are not *quite* thing enough to talk about yet.  One to do with a friend potentially moving here and the other the potential to stop giving my money to Huggies corp.  But we are NOT TEMPTING FATE by talking about either thing!


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