Today’s building update

I woke up this morning with the choice – clean the house or finish the next building project.  Clean houses last about 10 minutes and building is forever….  Want to guess what I’ve been doing since 11am?

I had a false sense of accomplishment because I got a ton done in my first hour.  Complicated cuts done, all the things laid out…  Then I started putting it together and things, well, shifted (or something, maybe it was faries, I don’t know…)  So the re-design as I go turned into the method of choice.  Those who plan early plan often right!


There were some slight miscuts that I drove myself nuts about but since this thing is a FLOOR in the GARAGE I don’t think it needs to be Parade of homes ready.  I also plan on painting it so I hope the sub-floorness of it is not so noticeable.

The point of this project is to create a nice walkway from the house to the pantry.  Over the winter we used a little plank that was just fine but nowhere near a good solution.  It did work well to tell us where exactly we could ‘floor’ and still park 2 cars in the garage.  I had enough leftover studs and plywood from the old shelves and some planned over plywood from the new shelves and it worked out very nicely.  The pile of wood has now turned into a floor!


And you see that tool right there in the middle?  That is a router!  I actually used my router to make the edges look nice 🙂  I also filled every single gap with goop, but not just any goop – the pest resistant goop so die mice die!

Now I need to clean but I need a break more.  I took a break for lunch and I was done by 2:30 so 3 hours from zero to paint ready.  I think I’ve finally gotten confidence with the circular saw and thanks to Norm on youtube I figured out the router.  I might even router the new shelves too, it was way easier than I thought and looks nice too.

So thats the major thing I did with my day, how about you?


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