Shopping accomplished!

Wow, today is one of those hectic days were I remember OMG I have to order TODAY for prime to make it for Zoe’s birthday!  Not like I didn’t have a running countdown, I don’t know how I managed to not get to Amazon until today…  Anyway, I was super sneaky and we ordered gifts for her friends (two parties this weekend!) and I just ‘added’ things as we went she liked too.  The agony of figuring out the ‘best’ of whatever was reserved for the big gift – the scooter she has been begging for.  I ended up getting her input because she is really too big for the one she wants, so, I had to wiggle out of her what features she actually wanted.  After everything I found the perfect one but it isn’t available until June.  She is Ok with getting a different color on her birthday, and I’m so glad that she is ok with compromise.  She also seems to want a basket and I see no example of scooters with baskets…. I might have to get crafty because the urge to have storage is one I can totally support.

Busy few days in general, I’m going to try and do my picture story today at some point but I’m pretty tight on time.  I did get all the shelves cut and all but 1 are screwed down.  Now I’m moving on to building a platform for walking to the pantry and soon it will be time to paint it all.

Burning nap time so I leave you with this;


Fiona’s first bite into a s’more.  She already adores graham crackers, and marshmallows, and chocolate – it was mind blowing that you can put them together!


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4 responses to “Shopping accomplished!”

  1. jdawgswords says :

    awwww…it’s cold one right? I like to use marshmallow crème so they are cold


  2. Danielle says :

    Nothing better than the sticky goo all over your face to let you know it’s officially summer! My kids seem to rub the s’more all over their faces before consumption. I have no idea how they manage to get so messy so quick!


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