I’m new to this challenge and so I hope I’m doing it right.  I am only using Picasa (free) and looking to see if I can get 4 different types of picture from one starting shot.

Here is the original that I took to prove to someone that yes, there is a difference between sweet potato and yams…  Moving to the mid west I found that plenty of things in the world have two names like Casserole and Hot Dish =  absolutely identical meal in a 9×11 pan.  But these two starches are different! (but reasonably and identically priced so you can choose based on taste alone)

fixit may original

Here is week 1 where I mostly just tidy it up

And for week 2 I cropped it in even further, axing the international cheese and creating two equal halfs.

Then I used the sharpen tool to make them pop just a bit

And finally I used the text tool to re-label each side of the Yam v Sweet Potato debate

fixit may

I like that it is becoming like an abstract texture.  I toyed with messing around with the filters but for this one I want to really show the true colors of these two tubers.

If you want to see what others are doing, head over to Captivate Me – what she and the majority of people are doing make me look like a toddler with watercolors but it is fun to try new things.

#One Four Challenge


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9 responses to “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – MAY WEEK 2”

  1. coolquilting says :

    I definitely like this photo with the tight crop more than last weeks!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ben Rowe Aperturef64 says :

    I also like the tighter crop, removing the distracting elements of the shop letting the veg take centre stage.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. the dune mouse says :

    I really like the crop!!


  4. afairymind says :

    I really like the tight crop! Good edit. 🙂


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