Happy Mothers day!

Yesterday was the gorgeous weather day and we all played and rode bikes and I only did a little bit of construction that was on my facebook/instagram and garnered many good natured comments as to my workplace safety.  I say I should get credit for safety glasses, pants and closed toe shoes!

Today I did something I said I would not do – ask Lars to mind the kids the majority of the day.  I did spend plenty of time with them as they came out and “helped” me plenty but I have a timeline to keep in making garage improvements that have been on perpetual hold waiting for decent weather.

I think I used my mothers day well – first I cleaned all the assorted junk that accumulated in the winter.  Then I finished mudding the outside of the pantry


mud mud mud

I procured all the wood for the project.  I have perfected the balance of assertive + female to get the most helpful help from Home Depot.

solo trip because no people would have fit in the car.

solo trip because no people would have fit in the car.

I build all the frames including rebuilding a bit of what was supporting the existing shelves.


does not look all that impressive from this but it was a bunch of work and included bolts and hardware and all sorts of level using….

Niamh, Zoe and Fiona all took turns helping with things like handing me screws or moving bits of wood to the bit-bin.  They lost interest and drifted away but eventually all came back.  Lars fed them pizza and I gave them all baths yesterday so now that I’ve used up two drill batteries I figure it’s time to eat the dinner Lars has on deck and drink the red wine breathing on the counter.  (he also cleaned the kitchen!)


Maybe not the most traditional relaxing day but it was productive and fun and possibly memorable for them~


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One response to “Happy Mothers day!”

  1. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Happy Mothers Day!!


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