Working day

I have a friend that emailed me and wondered if I dropped off the planet over the weekend and the answer is basically ‘yes’.  I love travel and doing new and fun things, I really do, but what a disruption to regular life!  I feel like I’m not even recovered from the birthday parties and the super party clean never lasts as long as you hope and Monday and Tuesday I tried to catch up but there is this nagging parental responsibility thing….  Basically when I’m stressed out about the things literally in my face I end up putting some things aside.

Today is the day I do things!  I’m sure you are all happy to know I pay my bills.  Thanks to my mothers routine based banking I can not pass a week without thinking about what bills/billing to do.  I have a much more simple system then hers but she is far more optimized than I am and thats fine with me.

Speaking of billing – one of my clients did not renew her contract with me.  I’ll miss working on her things because they were fun, but, thats business and she is always welcome back!  There is only so much networking you can do with positive thinking so today I took some time to build a bit of a brand site for myself.  It needs some work but pretty good for an hour of tinkering and free;

If you want one, I’ll get credit if you use this link

I do not want more than 4 clients, maybe 5, because I enjoy having some of the day to do focus on super fun things like tackle the mess monster that lives in my house.  We might have some houseguest(s) for an extend stay too so that means I need to empty the guest room of all the extra things and that is a project.  I’m also giving serious thought to the capsule wardrobe movement…  I think I’ll test it out over the summer.  Regardless of what I do with my clothing, the fact that all 3 girls have grown and need wardrobe swaps is staring me in the face.  Such domestic bliss 🙂

I’ve spent all morning on my computer between real work, catching up, bills, building a website and now its time to get going on the physical things that need to get done.


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