Monday finish the story

The post I posted already today I mostly wrote yesterday while I was watching TV with Lars but then I fell asleep and so I finished it up and posted it first thing.  BUT  I really do want to get back onto/into the challenges I started in the beginning of the year and I’ve missed many Monday stories.  So many that I’m not positive at all where to pick up but for 150 words I can improvise 🙂  Picture and first line are given – the rest is a continuation of the Diamond Jack story

By Barbara Becham

“After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!”

She didn’t want to tell Jack about the diagnosis but there it was in black and white.  It all felt like a bad dream, the night that they attended the award dinner where they got those horrid statutes, if felt like maybe the wine hit her too hard.  Dancing on the table felt like a great idea!  Good thing that the only thing anyone could remember about the night was those statues but the next morning the headache made her eyes blur.  For days.

Knowing that she truly didn’t have that much wine Clare went to her doctor and he seemed to feel it was quite serious and ordered many many many blood tests.

Here in black and white is a schedule of treatments.  How can she tell Jack?  He is mid novel, finally over a slump, she is usually confident and independent and now all she wants is a nap.


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6 responses to “Monday finish the story”

  1. babso2you says :

    I can feel her pain! This is a sign of a good story! When will she tell him? In another post maybe? Thanks for writing again for the Mondays Finish the Story challenge! ‘Til next time… May you be well… ^..^


  2. buddysmom13 says :

    I applaud your ambition to make this a continuation of the Diamond Jack story. That is no easy task. Nice take!


  3. Sally Stackhouse says :

    What a difficult decision to make as to when to tell him.


  4. draliman says :

    Oh dear. I know she doesn’t want to tell him right now but he needs to know! I think he’ll notice sooner or later that something is wrong.

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  5. Sonya says :

    Not a good place to be in… You got her pain across well.


  6. thecoastalquill says :

    Such a dilemma, trying to deal with such news, then having to break such news to someone you love. I could feel her anguish. Well done.


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