Going Away!

Guess what!  I’m going to an event ALONE OVERNIGHT.  This might be the very first time since I stopped working that I have been away from all the kids and the first time I’ve left Fiona ever.

I should be sad.

I’m not

Maybe I will be tomorrow?

I am however trying to pack on top of all the normal things and cook AND battle the insurance company.  So.  Not much blog today but I did squat 115# today in the gym 🙂

Until later, have a great weekend!

ps.  What could lure me away?  I was asked to speak for one of the Premiers of the new orders at the event…  Good thing I have a solo car ride to think of what to say.


One response to “Going Away!”

  1. sabine says :

    I hope you had a good time on your own! I am in a similar situation having stopped working since my kids were born. Though they can be pretty nerve racking 😉 at times, I feel weird and kind of incomplete when I go somewhere without them (which almost never happens) . Strange but true!


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